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49ers could sell stadium naming rights to Levi's, so here is a Photoshop

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Levi's is a company that makes pants known for not breaking all that often.

Justin Bopp, @justinbopp

The San Francisco 49ers could soon play in a football stadium named after pants, as has been predicted for some time now. Specifically, Levi's-brand pants. If there is a pants god, it will be named Jeans Park.

What matters is Levi's charging into the fray for the title of most NFL pants, taking on Wrangler's many truck-leaning Caucasians and whichever Dockers imprint laser-presses the special ops-grade khakis worn by every football coach. This is no longer a two-pants town.

The possibilities are both endless and obvious.

Colin Kaepernick, sleeveless denim vest for those who like and don't like tattoos. Patrick Willis eating a plate of jeans in anger. Big Mike Iupati in a size-too-small Canadian tuxedo. Colt McCoy in the most airtight boot-cuts ever devised, whistlin' about cattle. I don't know which player would wear mid-'90s Looney Tunes jeans or mid-'90s jeans sporting the logos of every NBA team while on the field, but this is why you should've kept Randy Moss, Niners.

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