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Tarvaris Jackson released by Bills, according to report

Signed in 2012 to bolster the depth at quarterback, the Buffalo Bills have released Tarvaris Jackson just a year later.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

The Buffalo Bills have released quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, the team has announced. Jackson was the last remaining QB from Buffalo's old guard -- and they now move forward with a new-look roster under Doug Marrone.

There has been a lot of movement at the position for the Bills this off-season. Jackson joins Ryan Fitzpatrick as the second quarterback released this year, while the team selected E.J. Manuel in the first round of the draft, and added Kevin Kolb via free agency.

The decision to release Jackson is slightly surprising, considering the team gave him a $500,000 roster bonus in February. This bonus came shortly after the hiring of Marrone, and it was believed Jackson would compete for the starting job -- until the team selected Manuel.

Opportunities are running out for Jackson. He's been unable to find a long-term role as a starter following his breakout year in 2008 with the Minnesota Vikings. Starting 14 games in 2011, he finished in Seattle with a 3,000 yard passing season -- but was unable to stretch the field, or separate from the team's group of quarterbacks.

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