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Ed Reed injury: Texans safety says Tom Brady to blame

Reed thinks Brady may have caused his lingering hip injury when the quarterback kicked him during the playoffs.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans safety Ed Reed has been hobbled all offseason by hip surgery, and he believes that an incident with Tom Brady in the playoffs may have led to his injury.

Reed told Tania Ganguli of the Houston Chronicle that his injury might have happened when Brady kicked him during a slide attempt in the AFC Championship game. He went on to say that Brady later apologized for the incident, which may not have been intentional:

Video of the play is available here.

Reed had arthroscopic surgery on the hip in April and has been unable to participate in minicamps. The surgery wasn't as significant as the last one he had, which required a bone spur to be removed. He hopes to be ready for the regular season, though it's still not a guarantee he will be 100 percent in time for training camp.

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