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Adam 'Pacman' Jones arrest: 911 call released in assault case

Jones is once again in hot water legally after allegedly punching a woman in the head.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Adam "Pacman" Jones has dealt with a number of legal issues throughout his NFL career, and the latest is an assault charge that stems from the Bengals cornerback allegedly punching a 34-year-old woman. Shannon Wesley is the reported victim, and she says that Jones had a dispute with her and her friend.

Jones was quick to defend himself on Twitter in the altercation. The official call to 911 has been released, so now Wesley can share her side of the story, courtesy of

Wesley clearly states Jones was making comments to her friend, then punched Wesley in the head and took off in his vehicle. From the transcript:

Wesley: It just happened, I'm a little shaken up ... it happened really fast. He was harassing my friend and saying derogatory things towards my friend and I stood up for them and he called me a "b****" and he punched me in my head.

In his past, Jones has been involved in some other shady incidents. In 2006, Jones spit on a woman he claimed stole his wallet in a club. In February 2007, Jones was accused of grabbing a stripper by the head and slamming her into the stage for daring to take money he threw at her without his permission.

He was finally suspended in 2007 for a season by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for violating the NFL player conduct policy.

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