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Geno Smith will get chance to shine with Jets offense

Rex Ryan not only plans to give Smith every opportunity with the first string, but also has packages that are reminiscent of his work with Tim Tebow. Will it work better this time around?


Geno Smith has already enjoyed plenty of the New York spotlight since being drafted by the Jets in April, but now he's really starting to get a look at what it could mean to be the teams starting quarterback. Smith is taking most of the first team reps today with the team as part of the QB rotation, according to Rich Cimini on Twitter.

Earlier in the week, it was Sanchez that took all of the first-team reps with the Jets, but Wednesday is the rookie's chance to shine. Head coach Rex Ryan would likely want to see Smith succeed with the first-string, and perhaps do well enough over the next three months to win the job, but even if he doesn't win it outright, Ryan might still have some plays in the book for Smith if he's the backup.

Cimini also notes that Ryan has some read-option packages for Smith; Not unlike the failed Tim Tebow experiment of 2012. Ryan and Jets fans are hopeful this plan for Smith works a lot better than the one for Tebow, or better yet, that Smith can be more successful as a starter than Sanchez.

The battle between Smith and Sanchez for the Week 1 starting spot is well underway.

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