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Michael Turner receives 12 months probation, community service for DUI arrest

The former Falcons tailback is still unsigned after his release in March.


Former Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner has finally received his punishment dating back to a DUI charge last September. On Wednesday, a judge handed Turner 12 months probation, a $1,000 fine and 30 days of community service, according to Fox Sports.

According to John Manasso, Turner also agreed to "risk reduction (DUI school), alcohol and drug evaluation, no alcohol consumption and random screens."

Turner was also arrested for speeding in the incident, and the back immediately posted bond. The arrest came just hours after the Falcons beat the Denver Broncos in Week 2 of the regular season.

Turner is still a free agent after the Falcons released him along with other veteran players like Dunta Robinson in early March. While Robinson quickly found a home in Kansas City, Turner is still waiting on his return to an NFL roster. Yet it's not a surprise for skill position players to wait while teams see what they have in newly drafted players through the early summer. To that end, expect Turner to get a call around training camp time.

Turner had 222 carries last season for 800 total yards and 10 touchdowns. It was the fifth consecutive year that Turner had at least 10 touchdowns, and he has 83 total touchdowns in his NFL career.

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