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Perry Fewell thinks defenses will stop read-option in 2013

The read-option may intimidate some coaches, but don't count Fewell among those nervous to combat it.

Al Bello

New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell isn't worried about Chip Kelly and the idea he will be running his college offense, the read-option, with the Philadelphia Eagles, according to

Fewell has been studying plenty of Oregon Ducks film to prepare for Michael Vick and the funky offense, but says he and his defense will shut it down when faced with it this season:

I look at that offense kind of like the wildcat. The wildcat took us by storm and then until you can see it, understand it; then you can defend it.

I think we’re seeing it. I think we’re trying to understand it. In the fall, we’ll be able to defend it.

Of course, this won't be the first time a team is running the option in the NFL. The wildcat took the NFL by storm a few years ago when the Miami Dolphins stunned the world with it, and it led many to believe the formation would revolutionize the game. While still a part of some attacks, the wildcat is merely a change-of-pace.

It will be interesting to see what Kelly can do against tough defenses such as New York with the combination of Vick and LeSean McCoy in his backfield.

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