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Alex Green emerges as Packers starting RB

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Green Bay Packers running back Alex Green gets the benefit of the doubt and the starting job, but he could be on notice heading into training camp with two promising rookies in waiting.

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Jonathan Daniel

The Green Bay Packers worked hard to improve their running back position this offseason, investing second- and fourth-round picks on Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin in the 2013 NFL Draft, respectively. But Alex Green isn't about to give up his starting job without a fight, and as noted by Tyler Dunne of the Journal Sentinel, Green started and finished minicamp as the No. 1 back.

Green rushed for just 464 yards with no touchdowns and a per-carry average of 3.4 yards. On top of that, Green was actually the leading rusher in Green Bay, who has been struggling at the running back position for some time now.

That said, Green was injured throughout most of 2012. He still played, but he's adamant that he was not 100 percent following his ACL tear in 2011. Green said that he was in pain for the majority of the season and hasn't been full strength until now.

For now, Green is the starter. The coaching staff believes in him and wants to give him a chance to shine, but both Lacy and Franklin have been regarded as starting-caliber backs provided they can make the transition to the NFL. Lacy, in particular, was considered the top running back in the draft before injuries saw him slide to the second round.

Training camp will certainly be interesting. Green can lean on the fact that he was injured last season, but if he doesn't beat back the rookies and James Starks in late July and August, he could easily find himself demoted, and with two promising rookies, possibly out of a job entirely at some point.

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