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Jets 2013 offseason: Who's going to play wide receiver?

The Jets may have the worst wide receiver unit in the league. How bad is it? Let's take a look.


The New York Jets' quarterback circus is getting all the attention right now, but their wide receiver corps may be in an even more dire situation. A series of injuries and inexperience make this one of the least talented units in the league.

As we head into training camp, let's go through each receiver currently on the Jets and evaluate where they stand right now.

Santonio Holmes--Holmes' 2012 season was cut short by a Lisfranc injury, and he's nowhere close to 100 percent. He recently revealed that it was a Grade 4 injury, the most severe type, and two screws will remain in his foot permanently. Holmes will most likely hit the PUP for training camp, and may not be ready in time for the regular season.

Stephen Hill--Hill showed flashes of potential in his rookie year, but knee injuries and drops made it a wash. He was still struggling with drops in minicamps, and his knees remain an issue. Hill was always pegged as a project receiver, but so far he hasn't shown many signs of progress.

Jeremy Kerley--Pressed into starting duty after injuries decimated the depth chart, Kerley did what he could, but he is what he is--a decent third receiver and special teams contributor who has no business playing every snap.

Clyde Gates, Ben Obomanu, Jordan White, Titus Ryan, Joe Collins, Ryan Spadola, Marcus Davis--I'm lumping all these guys together as one anonymous blob. Half of them are camp bodies, the other half are special teams players. Not much to see here.

In short, things look pretty bleak here. If Holmes isn't ready for the season, the Jets may be running out a Week 1 lineup of Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley. Neither guy has proven they are worth a starting spot in the NFL. Unless Hill and/or one of the lower depth chart guys step up, it probably won't matter who's playing quarterback in New York. There is precious little to be optimistic about here.

Hopefully Rex Ryan has Braylon Edwards on speed dial.

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