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Atlanta radio station targets Steve Gleason

Some shock jocks crossed a line on Monday morning with a segment making fun of the former Saints player and ALS sufferer.

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Oh those wacky sports talk radio deejays. Always pushing the envelope into zany new territory. This time it was the morning crew at 790 The Zone in Atlanta traipsing new paths in offensiveness. Their target Monday morning: former Saints player Steve Gleason, who has ALS.

Yep, the morning zoo crew or whatever they're called allegedly spent three minutes faking a phone call from Gleason. Reports of the incident first surfaced on LSU sports site Tiger Droppings, in a New Orleans football fan forum. The antics also made the rounds on Twitter, where it made its way to former Saints linebacker and Gleason's close friend, Scott Fujita.

An archived version of the show was not available online Monday morning. In fact, the show's online archives haven't been updated for several days on the station's website.

Gleason filled in for Peter King at Sports Illustrated for this week's edition of Monday Morning Quarterback.

It's worth noting that this has nothing to do with the Falcons or their fans. Message boards are getting a little carried away with that angle. This is just the handiwork of some local shock jocks.

If you have audio or heard the bit, let us know.

[Note by Ryan Van Bibber, 06/17/13 11:48 AM EDT ] One of the deejays responded on Twitter.

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