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Adam Schefter: Tim Tebow will likely make Patriots final roster

If Tebow makes the final roster, it would be only the second time in the last five years that the Patriots kept three quarterbacks for the regular season.


Tim Tebow is certainly much closer to playing in an NFL game once again than he was a month ago, but the New England Patriots quarterback still has the challenge of making the team's final roster ahead of him. A challenge that Adam Schefter expects him to pass, as ESPN's NFL insider said in a column on Thursday.

"I think he will be the Patriots' No. 3 quarterback and inactive for most games. I know there's this great curiosity about Tebow, but the truth is the two bigger and much more significant questions in New England are: How are the Patriots going to replace Wes Welker and how much will upcoming back surgery impact tight end Rob Gronkowski this season? Those two factors will have a much greater impact on what the Patriots' record will be this season."

If he manages to make the roster, playing time will be tough to come by for Tebow, as he will be behind eight-time Pro Bowler Tom Brady and 2011 third-round pick Ryan Mallett on the depth chart. Only once in the past four seasons have the Patriots elected to keep three quarterbacks on the final roster, as they kept Brian Hoyer behind Brady during Mallett's rookie season.

Tebow, 25, has a career record of 8-6 as a starter, but managed to complete just 47.9 percent of his passes during his first three seasons with 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions. His last start at quarterback came in a 45-10 defeat to the Patriots during the 2012 postseason with the Denver Broncos.

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