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The NFL All-Middle-Name team

Which NFL player has the middle name McCandless? What about Hilary? Find out in our All-Middle-Name team.

Christian Petersen

With top 100 lists and organization Mount Rushmores filling space recently, this is apparently the part of the NFL calendar to make random lists and teams. Making a team of the best players is easy and played out, so instead we decided to make a team with the best players who also happen to have awesome middle names.

That's right, this is your NFL All-Middle-Name team of 2013.

Quarterback: Russell Carrington Wilson

Russell Wilson gets us started off strong for the rare Carrington sighting. Russell Carrington sounds more like a high-end men's clothing store than it does an NFL quarterback. But hey, at least he has a store name if he decides to get into fashion when his playing days are over.

Runner-up: Antonio Ramiro Romo

Running back: Jamaal RaShaad Jones Charles

What's better than one middle name? How about two middle names like Jamaal RaShaad Jones Charles. Not many names include seven uses of the letter A.

Runner-up: LeSean Kamel McCoy

Wide receiver: Quintorris Lopez Jones

How about Quintorris Lopez Jones?

Runner-up: William Percy Harvin III

Wide receiver: Andre McXavier Roberts

Roger Goodell should suspend Andre Roberts immediately until he agrees to go by McXavier. Finally put that power to good use.

Runner-up: Davone Atrayo Bess

Tight end: Marcedes Alexis Lewis

Somewhere in the name Marcedes Alexis Lewis is a Kanye West joke about not being able to afford expensive cars.

Runner-up: Jacob Francis Tamme

Offensive line: Joseph Henry Thomas

Joe Henry Thomas is most offensive line sounding name of all the names. Either that or New Orleans Saints quarterback.

Runner-up: Jeffrey Kalei Faine

Offensive line: Anthony Salvatore Castonzo

Anthony Salvatore Castonzo pulls off the rare triple combo of a name ending in Y, E and O.

Runner-up: Leonard Barnett Davis

Offensive line: Maxwell McCandless Unger

We should probably just stop here. We're never finding a better middle name than McCandless.

Runner-up: Scott Darvin Wells

Offensive line: Sean Hilary Locklear

No, really his middle name is Hilary.

Runner-up: Christopher Clarks Spencer

Offensive line: D'Brickashaw Montgomery Ferguson

D'Brickashaw Montgomery Ferguson is either the Jets' left tackle or a future president.

Runner-up: Sebastian Georg Vollmer

Defensive end: Connor Alfred Barwin

Yup. Totally looks like an Alfred ... or not.

Runner-up: Kendall Arkel Langford

Defensive tackle: Paul Fuapapa Soliai

Good luck finding a middle name more fun to say than Fuapapa.

Runner-up: Etuini Haloti Ngata

Defensive tackle: Domata Uluaifaasau Peko

Twenty-one letters, 13 vowels.

Runner-up: Tyson Asi Alualu

Defensive end: Aldon Jacarus Smith

Good thing Aldon didn't go by A.J., then he would have been blamed for letting Drew Brees walk and hiring Norv Turner.

Runner-up: Marcus Raishon Spears

Linebacker: Thomas Arquis Howard

No, it's not Marquis, it's Arquis.

Runner-up: Lance Marell Briggs

Linebacker: Terrell Raymonn Suggs

If all three of your names have double letters, you make the list.

Runner-up: Jonathan Polynice Vilma

Linebacker: Derrick O'Hara Johnson

Unfortunately, Derrick O'Hara Johnson and Shaun O'Hara have never been teammates.

Runner-up: Karlos Montez Dansby

Cornerback: Cortland Temujin Finnegan

Cortland Finnegan is apparently partially named after a Mongolian emperor. He's obviously making the list.

Runner-up: Darrelle Shavar Revis

Safety: Antrel Rocelious Rolle

Rocelious Rolle really rings.

Runner-up: Bernard Karmell Pollard

Safety: Christian Napoleon Chancellor

No wonder he goes by Kam.

Runner-up: Terrell Ray Williams Ward Jr.

Cornerback: Tracy O'Neil Porter

Tracy O'Neil, meet O'Neil Porter.

Runner-up: Leon Lastarza Hall

Kicker: Kai August Forbath

Kai July would have rhymed better.

Runner-up: Philip Drury Dawson

Punter: Dustin Farr Colquitt

When it comes to punter middle names, Farr is a lot better than shank.

Runner-up: Saverio Giovanni Rocca

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