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Bruce Arians: Daryl Washington is walking 'very thin line'

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The Cardinals star linebacker isn't helping himself with his off-field conduct.

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Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington isn't giving his new head coach Bruce Arians a lot of confidence in him.

This offseason, Washington got in trouble when he allegedly grabbed his girlfriend by the throat and threw her to the floor. He's due in court in July for the ruling on his assault charges.

Washington is also suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the substance-abuse policy.

All of this has angered Arians, who went on SiriusXM radio and had the following to say about his star:

"It's all up to him. He's had double incidents, and as an organization, that throws a red flag out there. But I think Daryl is a very bright young man who understands what mistakes he's made. He's walking a very thin line in the league right now. Super-talented, but you have to adhere to the rules."

Washington is one of the more frustrating players in the NFL. For all of his talent, Washington hasn't been able to figure it out in his personal life, costing him the respect of many.

Last season, the former TCU standout registered 134 tackles and nine sacks, an incredible number for an inside linebacker. Washington is also one of the best coverage linebackers in the league, often assigned to cover a tight end or runner out of the backfield.

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