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Jaguars announce wet, wild improvements for Everbank Field

The city of Jacksonville and the Jaguars will spend $63 million on renovations to Everbank Field. This includes swimming pools.

via Jaguars

While the rest of the NFL world was busy moving the Jacksonville Jaguars to London, the team and the city were hammering out an agreement for $63 million worth of renovations to Everbank Field. Owner Shad Khan announced details for those plans on Wednesday afternoon.

A pair of new scoreboards over the end zones make up the bulk of the improvements. Those scoreboards just happen to be the world's largest. Watching Blaine Gabbert one-hopping passes into the flat on giant scoreboards sounds great and all, but let's not overlook the real centerpiece of the renovations: swimming pools.

The photo above is an artist's rendering -- the score on the scoreboard and a healthy MJD are obvious tells -- of the new-look stadium.

Why swimming pools? A few theories:

  • To distract from the tarps
  • Allow fans to practice swimming the English Channel for the team's inevitable move to the UK*
  • A nod to the wet jeans crowd, already wearing jorts to the game
  • Symbolic of a franchise treading water (so deep)
  • Bath salts!

*The Jaguars are not moving to the UK, but let's not allow facts to disrupt the narrative.

All in good fun. We love Jaguars fans around here. Besides, a pricey round of renovations is another example of Khan's Herculean effort to rebuild the franchise. It's not exactly the kind of money an owner and a city put into a stadium if they plan to pack and leave anytime soon.

Work is scheduled to begin after the 2013 season, so probably January 2014.


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