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NFL news roundup: Jets teammates want Mark Sanchez to start, Aaron Hernandez saga continues

Mark Sanchez is a polarizing figure in New York, the Aaron Hernandez situation is starting to look worse for the Patriots' tight end and Adam Jones might be reverting to his Pacman ways, among other things that happened Thursday.


The New York Jets have an interesting conundrum going into next season and, as things usually do, the problem starts at the top. A team's quarterback is often the most important player on the team but, unfortunately for the Jet, that position is also the cause for a lot of contention heading into training camp.

Mark Sanchez is the incumbent, but he hasn't been overly successful in his career. Geno Smith was drafted quite early, but there hasn't been any indication that he's a favorite to usurp Sanchez as the Jets starter (though one anonymous player indicating the team wants anybody but Sanchez starting next season).

Nick Mangold, one of the longer-tenured veterans on the Jets, went on record Thursday to say that the team does want Sanchez to start.

"I believe so," he told The Post. "I haven't walked around with a pen and paper and taken a poll, but from the feeling I get, the locker room wants to win. Whoever gives us the best chance to do that, we want out there -- and at this point, Mark gives us that best chance."

Aaron Hernandez still involved in murder investigation

Aaron Hernandez has had a rough week, going from being a non-suspect in a murder investigation somewhere on his property when reports originally surfaced to it now being "likely" that he's arrested in connection with said investigation, according to some reports.

The worst part of the reports involving the New England Patriots tight end came about on Thursday amid reports that Hernandez smashed his cell phone, destroyed surveillance equipment and hired a cleaning service to clean his house on Monday.

Whether or not anything comes of the further allegations remains to be seen, but things certainly don't seem to be getting better for Hernandez.

Texans All-Pro tackle expects to be ready for training camp

Duane Brown underwent surgery earlier this month on his ankle with early indications that the Houston Texans left tackle would be out for about a month. That initial diagnosis was reportedly correct, too, as stitches were removed Tuesday and he's already running while preparing to protect Matt Schaub's blindside.

This is good for the Texans' left side of the line, but our friends over at Battle Red Blog summed this up nicely with this little quip:

Great news. Now if only right tackle was so easily remedied...

Unfortunately the Texans didn't have an All-Pro right tackle recuperating from a minor surgery, though, so that won't be the case.

Adam Jones isn't doing himself any favors in the media

Adam Jones, the controversial cornerback formerly known as Pacman, typically finds himself in the news for all of the wrong reasons. For instance, most recently he was in an altercation at a bar with a woman that didn't end so well for either party.

Jones appeared on ESPN Radio to talk about that incident on Thursday and, considering the language he used -- well, he's probably not all that remorseful (whether it was his fault or not is a whole 'nother argument).

"You see at the beginning of the video I went over there to talk to the two young ladies who were sitting in the chair," Jones explained. "And the two behind them wasn't even outside. When I went back over there and told them I ain't taking no pictures, the young lady in the black immediately got up and that's when I was approached by the young lady on the wall with the beer who was taking a picture. I was like, ‘Hoe, where in the f- did you come from?'

Jones likely isn't making any fans when he continues to speak on national media like that, but that hasn't stopped the NFL from asking Jones to talk to incoming rookies.

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