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NFL training camp 2013: Starting dates for all 32 teams

The 2013 season begins in camp, and we have your full listing for each team's training camp.


All 32 teams look to begin their off-season program in earnest when they meet for training camp in little over a month. There's not much information that can be gleaned from OTAs and minicamps, making this the first opportunity teams get to integrate their rookies, and install their systems for the upcoming season. Here is your full listing for each team's starting date.

Camp is most important to teams on each end of the league's bell curve. Organizations who struggled in 2012 will look to take major strides with high draft picks, with teams like Kansas City and Jacksonville looking to take big jumps with new coaching staffs. Similarly, playoff teams balance on a knife edge -- hoping their off-season losses in free agency can be mitigated with new talent.

The Baltimore Ravens have the least pressure as Super Bowl champions, but find themselves in a unique position. They've lost a lot of their veteran defensive talent in Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, and hope their offense can be more potent with Joe Flacco back at the helm, and Ray Rice hoping to return to form. However, the team were also forced to trade Anquan Boldin due to salary cap constraints -- which could be a major concern if the Ravens don't have a deep threat receiver who can fill the void.

Here's every start date for all 32 teams

Arizona Cardinals: As early as July 26

Atlanta Falcons: July 25

Baltimore Ravens: July 25

Buffalo Bills: July 28

Carolina Panthers: July 25

Chicago Bears: July 25

Cincinnati Bengals: July 25

Cleveland Browns: July 25

Dallas Cowboys: July 21

Denver Broncos: July 26

Detroit Lions: July 23

Green Bay Packers: July 26

Houston Texans: July 26

Indianapolis Colts: July 28

Jacksonville Jaguars: July 26

Kansas City Chiefs: July 26

Miami Dolphins: July 29

Minnesota Vikings: July 26

New England Patriots: July 26

New Orleans Saints: As early as July 26

New York Jets: July 25

New York Giants: July 27

Oakland Raiders: July 25

Philadelphia Eagles: July 26

Pittsburgh Steelers: July 27

San Diego Chargers: July 25

San Francisco 49ers: As early as July 25

Seattle Seahawks: July 26

St. Louis Rams: July 25

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: As early as July 25

Tennessee Titans: July 25

Washington Redskins: July 25

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