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SB Nation NFL Huddle: Aaron Hernandez warrant out, Warren Sapp vs. Michael Strahan

The arrest warrant for Aaron Hernandez is the biggest news on this NFL Friday, but we also have notes on Warren Sapp vs. Michael Strahan, the NFL Network's top 100 players list and lots more from SB Nation's NFL blogs on Friday.

Christian Petersen

Arrest warrant out for Aaron Hernandez. The charge, according to reports, is obstruction of justice. Those charges could escalate depending on the evidence and Hernandez's cooperation. It's unclear at this point what his role or what his cooperation level is.

Openly gay player in the NFL? Cardinals coach Bruce Arians had an interesting response to that: "I don't think the locker room would have any problem with it," Arians said. "The problem would be with the fans." Read on for his full response.

Warren Sapp attempts a takedown of Michael Strahan. Big Blue View calls it a verbal assault. Bucs Nation agrees with Sapp. Ah, the offseason.

Megatron is a top 10 player. Or is he top five (again)? One more week until we find out on NFL Network's top 100 player countdown.

49ers stadium has sold 80 percent of seats and suites. Those $500,000-a-year suites with 10-year contracts? Yeah, they're all sold out, too.

Saints rookie Kenny Stills speaks to SB Nation.

The best stories of meeting a player: Chicago Bears edition

Fourth-overall pick Lane Johnson has been "outstanding." Bleeding Green Nation writes: "Johnson is arguably the best athlete to come out at his position in years and should be a perfect fit in an upbeat offense that not only demands a high level of fitness but also asks its offensive linemen to move around quite a bit."

Does Michael Turner belong in the Falcons ring of honor? The Falcoholic writes: "I say yes. For every memory my dad has of William Andrews and Gerald Riggs, I can look back and say I had just as many good memories of Michael Turner. And while he may not ever come up in the NFL's all-time great running back list, he comes up in the Falcons' list, and that's good enough for me."

Don't be a Heat fan in Cleveland. Just don't. Dawgs By Nature explains.

Can the Packers cut their number of sacks in half? Acme Packing Company takes a look.

Feel lazy: Josh Morgan's charitable work this offseason.

Cowboys rookie Terrance Williams speaks to SB Nation.

Adam Jones describes his latest incident. And it's entertaining: "When I went back over there and told them I ain't taking no pictures, the young lady in the black immediately got up and that's when I was approached by the young lady on the wall with the beer who was taking a picture. I was like, ‘Hoe, where in the f- did you come from?'" Read the whole explanation at Cincy Jungle.

Texans' Duane Brown will be ready for camp.

Dez Bryant talks to Michael Jordan twice a week. And Chris Paul checks in on him. Superstar mentoring cast. Blogging The Boys examines this report.

Nobody wants to win more than Jake Locker. "Nobody wants me to have success more than me," Locker said, via Music City Miracles. "I am going to push myself harder than anyone could ever push me to get the most out of what I've been given."

Chargers team doctor David Chao quits to spend time with his family. Or, you know, because two local hospitals barred him. One of the two.

Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor share a birthday. Raiders QBs!

Dan Koppen is a Bronco. After the J.D. Walton injury news, you knew this was coming.

Dolphins want a Vonta Leach decision this week. Last week Leach said he would make his decision within two weeks. I don't see a big difference between signing now and right before training camp in late July. The Phinsider covers the news here.

Steelers want to host an NFL Draft. The idea of rotating the draft cities has been brought up before. "It would be a fun event for Pittsburgh to host," Rooney said, "and I think our city could do a great job with it."