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Vladimir Putin wants to make it right with Robert Kraft

The case of the missing Super Bowl ring continues, but Putin has an answer. Putin always has an answer.

Laurence Griffiths

Vladimir Putin walked off with Patriots owner Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring. Accounts about the circumstances of the missing ring differ. All we know is that Kraft's ring is gone. Fortunately, the Russian President has proposed a solution to settle the matter.

Via the Interfax Russian news agency:

"... if it is such a big treasure for Mr. Kraft and the team - I remember some souvenirs were being presented - I have a suggestion. I will ask a jewelry firm to make a really good and big thing, so everyone will see it is a luxury piece, made of quality metal and with a stone, so this piece will be passed from generation to generation in the team whose interests are represented by Mr. Kraft.

"This would be the smartest solution partners can ever achieve while tackling such a complicated international problem."

It's not going to be a Super Bowl ring, a valuable trinket that must be earned over the course of a hard-fought season. However, when Putin offers a solution, you should probably just take it.

Perhaps Kraft could translate this into a Faberge Egg that grunts like Bill Belichick when you open it.