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Adrian Peterson advises RGIII on rehab, comeback

Adrian Peterson to Robert Griffin III: "You're not me."

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Patrick McDermott

Adrian Peterson was blunt with Robert Griffin III, telling the young quarterback "you're not me" while giving him advice on how to come back from an ACL injury, according to USA Today. Not that Peterson is Superman: his allergy scare with a piece of shrimp in a bowl of gumbo is proof of that. Peterson's point may have been, simply, that everyone recovers in his/her own way, and that no two comebacks are exactly alike.

That said, Peterson is convinced that RGIII will be ready to play Week 1.

"RG3's confidence level is where mine was at and I think he'll be back Week 1 and each week, he'll get stronger,'' Peterson said. "I have a lot of confidence in the young guy.

"I've been with him a couple of times. And judging by how he approached his rookie year, if he continues taking that same strong mindset and applies it to his rehab, he'll do better this season than last. I'm pulling for him.''

Like Peterson, Griffin is attempting to come back from a serious late-season knee injury. Peterson suffered his knee injury on Dec. 24, 2011, but was able to come back strong, starting Week 1 through Week 16 on his way to NFL MVP honors. Griffin had to be sent to the sidelines during the Washington Redskins' Wild Card loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Jan. 6, and is looking at a similar, though slightly shorter, timeframe for return as Peterson.

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