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Jim Kelly confirms he is cancer-free after jaw surgery

Jim Kelly has beaten cancer, as the surgery on his upper jaw successfully removed all cancerous cells from the Hall of Fame quarterback.


Good news from Buffalo, as Bills legend Jim Kelly says that the surgery to remove cancer from his upper jaw was successful, and that he is now cancer-free.

Kelly was diagnosed with cancer in May, and underwent a partial maxillectomy -- removal of some of his jaw -- on June 7. The cancer never spread to other parts of his body, and the surgery was expected to be successful at the time. Last week, it was revealed that he would not need further chemotherapy, and now, we have confirmation that Kelly is in good shape: The Hall-of-Famer told Joe Browne that he no longer has cancer.

Kelly is the only player in Bills history to have his number retired, and the only quarterback in NFL history to lead his team to the Super Bowl in four straight years, from 1990 to 1993, although the Bills famously lost all four. He holds the majority of the team's all-time passing records, and there isn't anybody particularly close either. When news of his cancer broke, there was an outpouring of support both from those still within the organization, former players, and the entire Bills community.

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