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Kevin Kolb likely to start for Buffalo Bills

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ESPN analyst John Clayton believes the Buffalo Bills will start their free agent over their first-round pick.


Recent trends in the NFL have thrust rookies into starting jobs, but according to ESPN's John Clayton on NFL 32, the Buffalo Bills will take a more measured approach -- as he predicts Kevin Kolb will start, offering a better platform while they prepare E.J. Manuel for the job.

Kolb started the 2012 season strong, but was sidelined due to injury after six games. He finished with 1,169 yards, eight touchdowns, and three interceptions. The Arizona Cardinals weren't willing to wait on Kolb to return, instead electing to sign Carson Palmer this off-season to offer more veteran leadership and hopefully get the team over the hump.

The Bills shocked the league in April's draft, selecting E.J. Manuel with the 16th overall pick. Conventional wisdom dictated the team siding with Geno Smith, or Ryan Nassib -- who spent time with head coach Doug Marrone at Syracuse. The plan will be to lean on Manuel long-term, and he'll get an opportunity to battle for the job in training camp.

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