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Aaron Hernandez's attorney says his client is subject of misinformation and false reports

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Aaron Hernandez's attorney has issued a statement that accuses the media of producing false and misleading reports.

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New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez remains embroiled in a homicide investigation following the death of Odin Lloyd, but his attorney criticized the media for "misinformation and false reports" on Monday. Hernandez's attorney, Michael Fee, issued a statement on Monday in what amounted to being his first public comments since the investigation began.

Fee was critical of the media for numerous reports that an arrest warrant for Hernandez had been issued and said Hernandez was the "subject of a relentless flood of rumors, misinformation, and false reports in the media." The complete statement is included below (via Wesley Lowery of the Boston Globe):

Over the past week, our client, Aaron Hernandez, has been the subject of a relentless flood of rumors, misinformation and false reports in the media. These include the repeated publication of a supposedly confirmed report that an arrest warrant had been issued for Aaron, a report that was exposed as untrue. None of these false reports come from official sources and we appreciate the professionalism, and restraint shown by the Bristol County District Attorney's Office to date with regard to its public statements while its investigation is underway. Out of respect for that ongoing investigation, we will continue to refrain from commenting on its substance.

The statement comes several days after multiple news outlets, including ABC News, reported that an arrest warrant for obstruction of justice charges against Hernandez had been drawn up but not issued. Police executed a second search warrant of Hernandez's house on Saturday and searched nearby waters on Monday, but an arrest warrant has yet to be reported as officially filed.

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