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Brett Favre would like to sell you some pain cream

The gunslinger has stumbled upon a miracle.

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Leon Halip

Brett Favre would like to sell you some cream. Pain cream.

The former Packers, Jets and Vikings quarterback, pain-killer addict and man who may or may not have been the genesis for Snapchat has a new endeavor to stay productive in his retirement. He's a pitchman for Rx Pro, a pain cream apparently capable of working minor medical miracles.

Favre hawked his new endeavor recently on SiriusXM radio. Via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"I can speak volumes on pain and narcotics use," Favre told SiriusXM hosts Jim Miller and Bruce Murray, noting that he was once addicted to painkillers. Rx Pro, he said, "is a safe way to treat some of your ailments. It even works with cramps, stomach pain...It's just endless what will happen with this product and this company."

It slices, it dices ... it alleviates the need for uncomfortably asking your doctor for medications teenagers will want to steal.

Hell, Favre liked it so much, he bought the company, part of it. The gunslinger is now an investment partner in World Health Industries, the Jackson, Ms., company that manufactures Rx Pro.

It's not FDA-approved, and nobody's saying what ingredients the stuff contains. They do sound confident that it won't get NFL players suspended. Rx Pro is currently available by prescription only.

At any rate, FDA approval and mystery ingredients aren't stopping Favre from offering the world a dab of his miracle ointment.

"After 20 years, I'll bet the guy feels like crap," Favre said he imagined fans saying. But Favre said he feels great.

"I really believe in this product."

So if this stuff could have prevented his pill problem, it only stands to reason that it could have prolonged his career. It is a miracle cream, after all.

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