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Jimmy Haslam not worried about Pilot Flying J investigation

The owner of the Cleveland Browns isn't worried that the current investigation into the Pilot Flying J truckstop chain -- a company he represents as the CEO -- will cause any issues with his NFL ownership duties.


Jimmy Haslam, owner of the Cleveland Browns, has come under quite a bit of scrutiny as the CEO of the Pilot Flying J truckstop chain after it's been alleged the business has been skimming money off of the top of rebate checks to its customers.

Haslam bought the Browns last year and made some very big promises, but his side job as the leader of one the largest refueling chains in the United States has caused some to believe that he may have to sell the Browns as he deals with a federal investigation into his businesses practices.

The current Pilot Flying J fiasco isn't causing any issues with Haslam's leadership of the Browns, however, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal:

The NFL has stood by Jimmy Haslam, but Browns fans have posted panicky comments on sports blogs worrying that Mr. Haslam's legal troubles might force him to sell the team -- something Mr. Haslam says he has no intention of doing.

Jimmy Haslam hadn't planned to spend his year like this. He was planning a lot more time with the Cleveland Browns. He had brought in former PepsiCo Inc. president and fellow UT alum, John Compton, to replace him as CEO in January.

It's going to be very interesting to see what happens with the NFL if the FBI and IRS's accusations are deemed to be warranted, but it seems Browns fans worried about losing Haslam as the team's owner have nothing to be concerned about, at least for the moment.

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