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NFL Huddle: Reactions to the Aaron Hernandez case

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All Aaron Hernandez, all the time. The news that the now former Patriots tight end was arrested, released from the team and charged with murder in the course of a few hours has dominated the NFL news cycle. See how SB Nation's NFL blogs reacted to the Hernandez news.


Pats Pulpit, SB Nation's Patriots blog, has all of the Hernandez situation covered right here. "It was insane to think that a player whom we all admired on the field, a player who seemingly had remained a clean and low profile off the field could be caught up in something so tragic," Pats Pulpit wrote. "This is a player who Patriots owner Robert Kraft called a "first-class guy" less than a year ago after the team signed Hernandez to a long-term extension."

Silver and Black Pride writes that Hernandez is a better lesson for NFL players than anything heard at the NFL Rookie Symposium this week. "What the NFL wants from these players is foresight. Hernandez was released by the Patriots immediately following his arrest. He is now being held without bail on first degree murder and five other weapons charges. These rookies just got an unprecedented lesson. Welcome to the NFL."

Mile High Report looks at whether the Broncos could send any tight ends to New England. "If the Patriots are looking for a move tight end, why not dangle Jacob Tamme to them? Tamme's role has been diminished with the recent addition of Wes Welker this offseason, and with youngsters Virgil Green and Julius Thomas behind him, he could be expendable. I believe Joel Dreessen is too valuable to the Broncos as a blocker, so he wouldn't be an option."

As Hernandez was cuffed early Wednesday morning, Gang Green Nation wrote, "It is quite possible we are simply in the opening chapter of this disturbing story."

Behind The Steel Curtain wonders what this does to the Patriots on the field. "The Patriots have gone further away from the vertical attack they employed in 2007 when league MVP Tom Brady and wide receivers Randy Moss and Wes Welker smashed league offensive records. Now, with Welker in Denver, Gronkowski likely starting the preseason on the PUP list, the Patriots find themselves perilously thin on receivers."

Cincy Jungle puts this in context with other significant screw-ups from NFL players. "If Hernandez is tried and convicted in this case, it would arguably the biggest and darkest news story amongst the likes of the Jovan Belcher tragedy last winter and the Ray Lewis case from over a decade ago."

The Patriots took less than two hours to release Hernandez after he was arrested. Music City Miracles writes, "There are a lot of things that I hate about the Patriots, but I really respect them for moving this quickly on this. A lot of teams would wait for the whole thing to play out- especially after investing so much money into a player. The Patriots took about an hour to show him the door."

On the Patriots statement releasing Hernandez, Bleeding Green Nation writes, "Simple, jarring, final. Well, then. The Patriots aren't messing around and have emphatically reinforced their "culture over individual" ethos."

Bucs Nation has an "Aaron Hernandez is not a Buccaneer appreciate thread" for its readers.

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