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Aaron Hernandez being investigated in 2012 double-murder case, according to report

The Aaron Hernandez saga takes yet another turn on Thursday, as a report says he is being investigated in connection to a double-murder in 2012.


Aaron Hernandez is being investigated as a possible suspect in a double-murder case that occurred last year, FOX 25 reports. This report comes one day after the former Patriots tight end was arrested and charged with murder.

According to the report, three men were found shot in downtown Boston just after 2 a.m. ET on July 16, 2012. Two of the victims were already dead when police arrived on the scene. The FOX 25 report says the men had just left a bar in the area. They were identified as Saifro Furtado and Daniel Abreu. Investigators are reportedly looking into Hernandez's involvement in the killings.

Hernandez was arrested on Wednesday morning and charged with first degree murder of Odin Lloyd, along with five weapons-related charges. He is being held without bail and the Patriots released him just hours after his arrest.

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