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Jamaal Charles excited for Chiefs' use of pistol offense

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The Chiefs were at times a historically bad offense in 2012. Is a new scheme and a new quarterback enough to make them "explosive"? At least one player seems to think so.

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The Kansas City Chiefs finished last in the NFL in scoring last season, scoring fewer than two touchdowns' worth of points per game, but running back Jamaal Charles is already thinking that they could be one of the most "explosive" offenses in the NFL thanks to a few changes and a new offensive gameplan, as he said in a recent interview on NFL AM.

Can the team turn it around that quickly?

With quarterbacks Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn, the Chiefs scored 13.2 points per game and were in single digits six times in 2012. The duo combined for eight touchdown passes and 20 interceptions. Last season's performance got several people fired, including head coach Romeo Crennel, offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, not to mention Cassel and Quinn.

A new team of personnel was brought in, including veteran head coach Andy Reid and "pistol offense" architect Chris Ault. It's not the first time that Charles has run the pistol offense in Kansas City, and he's clearly excited to have it back again, especially with this team. "Ran it my rookie year and I love it," Charles said on NFL Network's "NFL AM" on Thursday. "I ain't never been around no offense that's about to be explosive and about to put me in space and making me make plays."

The Chiefs ran the pistol in 2008 with quarterback Tyler Thigpen under offensive coordinator Chan Gailey. It's good to know that Charles is excited to run the offense again, and that he thinks it's "possible" he could gain over 2,000 yards rushing, but it's also important to note that before last season, the last time the Chiefs went 2-14 was in 2008.

They also finished 26th in the NFL in scoring.

To be successful this season, it's going to take more than just a new offense. Quarterback Alex Smith will need to prove that he's capable of running the pistol in Kansas City, and the offensive line will need to play at a high level. Charles believes that it's going to be "explosive" in 2013.

As opposed to 2012, when it was implosive.

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