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Colin Kaepernick nearly became Raiders quarterback, says Peter King

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Colin Kaepernick was very nearly a member of the Oakland Raiders. Peter King tells the story in his latest edition of Monday Morning Quarterback.

Ronald Martinez

If the San Francisco 49ers hadn't swooped in to draft Colin Kaepernick in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft, the quarterback may have very well become the starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. Peter King's latest Monday Morning Quarterback column tells the story of how the 49ers outmaneuvered the Raiders for Kaepernick.

Heading into the draft, Kaepernick was the top quarterback on the Raiders' board -- ahead of Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder and Andy Dalton, all of who were drafted before the Nevada product. The Raiders were confident that he would fall to them at No. 48 overall. Then-Raiders head coach Hue Jackson said the organization "wanted the kid in the worst way.''

The Niners had not publicly expressed much interest in Kaepernick, as the Raiders had, but they worked behind the scenes to trade up from their No. 45 overall pick, entreating the New England Patriots at No. 33 before eventually making a deal with the Denver Broncos for the No. 36 selection in exchange for fourth and fifth-round picks. Kaepernick said that the 49ers, one of his favorite teams as a boy, hadn't shown any interest until the moment his name was called.

Late Raiders owner/general manager Al Davis was not happy when he heard that Kaepernick had been scooped up.

Rick Kaepernick, Colin's dad, told me he'd heard Al Davis threw a glass across the room when it was announced San Francisco had taken him.

"I don't know that he threw anything,'' said Jackson. "But he was upset. So was I. Scouting him, I fell in love with the kid. Leader, won a ton of games at Nevada, really impressive when you talked to him, strong, all the tools to win in the NFL. No doubt in my mind he was going to be good.''

The 49ers went to the Super Bowl last season and Kaepernick went 7-3 as a starter after taking over for Alex Smith in Week 10. The Raiders finished the 2012 season 4-12 with Carson Palmer at the helm of the offense. They are expected to start Matt Flynn at quarterback this season.

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