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Bryce Brown denies dogfighting

Brown continues to defend himself and his breeder from allegations that his dogs were involved in dog fighting.

Matt Sullivan

Bryce Brown made news on Saturday when it was learned that his dogs were seized in a suspected dog fighting operation, but they have since been returned to him, and the Eagles running back insists he is a victim in the case.

Brown has now taken to Twitter to defend himself, saying that he and his breeder are both victims of this situation. He also tweeted a picture of him celebrating his dog's birthday to show how he treats them.

While Brown didn't appear in court on Friday, his lawyer defended him, showing pictures of him and his wife with their dog, Eilis, demonstrating how much they care for her.

The NFL can breathe a sigh of relief, as another major criminal investigation was the last thing they needed after Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with murder earlier this week.

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