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Quentin Jammer brings versatility to Broncos' secondary

Jammer is switching positions with his new team.


The Denver Broncos added defensive back Quentin Jammer this offseason, and the early results in minicamp have been promising.

In an interview with the team's official website, Broncos assistant secondary coach Sam Garnes said he thinks Jammer brings versatility to a Denver secondary in need of a boost.

Jammer spent 11 seasons with the San Diego Chargers, where he exclusively played cornerback. Now in his advanced age, the Broncos are hoping he can make the switch to safety, a position he played in college.

Here's what Garnes had to say.

"It adds depth and with one person you kind of add two people -- so to speak. When you have a guy that can play corner and safety, and not just someone that you would like to be able to play corner but plays safety - he played corner his whole career and he definitely has the savviness to play safety. He understands football. He understands the routes you get, combinations and he's just learning what we do. That's the only thing holding him back right now."

How effective Jammer can be at safety remains to be seen, but the Broncos seem optimistic.

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