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Goodell says Jaguars could play 2 games in London; Jags have no interest

The NFL commish says the Jags may play two home games in London. He also stated that he still has plans to eventually put a franchise in London. The Jaguars, however, apparently aren't interested in playing more than one game abroad.

Al Bello

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, speaking at an NYU conference on Tuesday, stated that there's a "good chance" the Jacksonville Jaguars will play two home games a year in London:

The Jaguars are currently slated to play in the International Series through the 2016 season. Losing another home game overseas would essentially cut out a quarter of local revenue streams. Season ticket holders can't be happy about this development.

In addition to the Jaguars news, Goodell reiterated his desire to eventually put an NFL franchise in London:

The NFL is using its International Series to build English interest in American football. Goodell has been openly flirting with London for several years now, including hints of hosting a Super Bowl in the city one day.

There are still plenty of logistical concerns about placing an NFL team in London, including travel times, whether to relocate a team or expand to 33 teams, and doubts about the long-term viability of putting an American football team in a soccer-dominated country. Goodell seems determined to make it happen, though, so don't expect this to be the last we hear about it.

The Jaguars and San Francisco 49ers are scheduled to play the 2013 game on Oct. 27 at Wembley Stadium. Goodell is also leaving open the possibility of playing the game in other venues, with many Premier League clubs upgrading their stadiums.

UPDATE: The Jaguars have no interest in playing two games in London, according to Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union. Per a team spokesman: "Our focus is on one game per year we are committed to play there the next four years. That's all we're thinking about.''

Also via Stellino, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said that the league is doing internal analysis to see whether one team should play two games in London in the same year, but that Goodell didn't say "there's a good chance the Jags will play two home games" there. Of course, that doesn't rule out the Jaguars making a second trip as the visiting team.

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