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Jerry Jones unconcerned about Cowboys' leaked NFL Draft board

The Cowboys owner isn't all that concerned about everyone seeing how they conduct business.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Jerry Jones, the famous owner of the Dallas Cowboys, says he isn't concerned about the leak of his draft board, according to the Star-Telegram.

Jones feels no team is gaining any type of a decided advantage by seeing the Cowboys' board since the draft is over. The three-time Super Bowl champion believes it's a non-issue, per the article:

"I’m a little hard-pressed to see where the issue is at all after the draft is over," he told reporters Tuesday at Valley Ranch. "We don’t put anything up there that’s particularly sensitive. Those are the opinions and the work of our scouts. The fact that there might have been a player up there a round earlier or a round later than it is on a lot of other people’s boards or opinion doesn't impact us."

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All of this stems from SB Nation's Cowboys' blog, Blogging The Boys, who was able to reconstruct the board by seeing various pictures taken from video. With the help of screenshots, the blog was almost able to capture all the names on the draft board.

This has happened before, again due to the diligence of Blogging the Boys, in 2010. Maybe Dallas will start to take better precaution, or maybe Jones and the team truly don't care if people know how they rate players leading into the draft.

Only time will tell with the Cowboys, who don't always go by everyone else's script.

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