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Ed Reed injury: Texans safety could miss regular season games

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Ed Reed said Wednesday that he's going to play it safe with his latest injury, leading to the possibility he might not be healthy enough to play at the start of the season.


Ed Reed made his name patrolling the defensive backfield with the Baltimore Ravens, but the former Ravens star might not be healthy enough to face his former team when his new team -- the Houston Texans -- plays the defending Super Bowl champions.

Reed had offseason hip surgery that was expected to keep him out of the Texans' lineup until around the middle of training camp. It seems as though that timeline might've been a bit off, however, because Reed seemed to indicate that he could actually miss regular season games while being interviewed by the Ravens' website following the team's visit to the White House.

"I plan on being back for Week 1," Reed said after visiting the White House. "But as you've known me for the longest time, I'm going to be smart about my injuries and make sure I'm there for the later part of the season when the team really needs me."

It would make sense that Reed isn't interested in rushing anything considering he's 34 and has a bit of a recent history with injury issues so his statement to the Ravens' website shouldn't come as a surprise.

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