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Brett Favre: 'I was at fault' for how things ended with Packers

The Packers' legendary quarterback is ready to make nice with the team he won Super Bowl XXXI with.

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Brett Favre's departure from the Green Bay Packers didn't go smoothly and the two sides have been quietly at odds ever since, but it appears as if the two parties are over it. On Thursday, Favre took responsibility for how things ended in Green Bay. Kind of.

"It's over and done with. I was at fault," Favre told WGR 550, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported. "I feel that both sides had a part in it. If you could go back would I or them have done things differently? I'm sure both sides would. But you can't."

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So it was Favre's fault. And it was the Packers' fault. Both sides would probably agree that they could have handled things better so all is well and good now, right?

It appears as if things are certainly going that way. Favre admitted that there were problems between him and the team, but he says that is in the past: "Obviously there was, if you want to call it, 'bad blood' or whatever, I just think that people started picking sides. And really I'm over that and have been over it."

With Favre and the team making nice, it is almost inevitable that the Packers will retire Favre's No. 4 before long. Favre was a three-time MVP with the Packers and won Super Bowl XXXI, the team's first championship since 1967.

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