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Former Giants safety Chad Jones focusing on baseball

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After a nearly fatal car crash, Jones turned away from football and now looks to make the slow climb to the major leagues.

Kevin C. Cox

The New York Giants drafted Chad Jones out of LSU in the third round of 2010, hoping he would become a mainstay on an already solid defense.

Instead, tragedy intervened when Jones was involved in a brutal car accident that almost cost him his leg. The crash left him with a broken tibia and fibula, and despite extensive rehab, he failed his Giants physical in 2012 and was released.

Jones decided to pursue a baseball career, which amazingly led him to being drafted by the Cincinnati Reds on Friday in the ninth round, according to The former LSU and Giants safety now has a chance to make it once again as a prominent professional athlete.

The two-sport star - a pitcher in baseball - was part of two national champions during his time at LSU, winning a football title in 2007 and taking the College World Series in 2009.

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