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Josh Gordon suspension: Browns WR could be out a year after next failed test

If Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon fails another of the NFL's substance abuse tests, he could be suspended for an entire calendar year.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was recently suspended as part of the league's substance abuse program. According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Gordon was suspended for codeine in his system and if it happens again, he could be suspended from the league for up to one year.

There hasn't been any official statement from the NFL regarding a potential one-year suspension for Gordon, but Cabot's report comes directly from the league's policies in its substance abuse program. Given that Gordon was suspended recently, it means he's at least in the second stage of the program, meaning he had to have violated the policy at least once before.

If Gordon has been pushed to Stage Three of the program, he could be suspended for one calendar year if he fails another test. A player who is suspended for the full year can apply for reinstatement after the suspension is served, though it's up to the commissioner to determine whether or not that player can return to the league.

While there's no confirmation that Gordon has been pushed to Stage 3 of the program, given that he hasn't even begun his sophomore season in the NFL and he's already in Stage Two, Cabot believes Gordon is at that stage.

In his rookie season, after being taken in the supplemental draft by Cleveland, Gordon impressed with 805 yards and five touchdowns. He emerged as one of Brandon Weeden's favorite targets and a sure-fire deep threat in 16 games. It seems as though he has a promising career ahead of him if he can rectify the issues at hand.

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