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Police refute report of Ryan Mathews' arrest

A report surfaced Monday morning alleging that Ryan Mathews had been arrested after an altercation outside of a San Diego night club. Police have confirmed that the report isn't true.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Mathews was not arrested Sunday night, police told the San Diego Union-Tribune and later confirmed to SB Nation. reported earlier that the San Diego Chargers running back had been taken in by police following an altercation outside of a night club. A spokesman for the SDPD refuted the report when asked:

"We can say that he was definitely not arrested by SDPD," Rose said, "but there might have been a separate arrest that lead to that (report). ... It was not Ryan Mathews."

Another man, who definitely was not Mathews, was arrested in the altercation. Police have not yet released the man's name.

Mathews may have still been present at the fight, though Rose could not provide a confirmation. A Chargers spokesman said that the team is aware of the report, and is doing its own investigating to figure out Mathews' involvement.

On Monday morning, several sports news outlets ran with the story based on the incorrect Examiner report. The story alleged that Mathews and another man were approached by five Hispanic men inside of the club, and that an altercation over a woman had taken place outside in a designated smoking area. The report alleged that all of the men involved were intoxicated, and that Mathews had knocked a man unconscious and sent him to the hospital.

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