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Michael Bamiro workout: Teams interested, no signing yet

While supplemental draft prospects went unselected Thursday, the most intriguing prospect was in New York working out to the interest of numerous teams.

Michael Bamiro was vital in blocking for running back Marcus Coker (pictured)
Michael Bamiro was vital in blocking for running back Marcus Coker (pictured)

Stony Brook offensive tackle Michael Bamiro is the first player to dodge the NFL draft. He didn't need to escape the country and head to Canada, instead he's the most-coveted player made available as a free agent Thursday. Bamiro was denied an extension to his eligibility by the NCAA, and couldn't enter the supplemental draft as he wasn't an underclassman. With his college career over, he's a free agent and could sign anywhere, but hasn't thus far.

As many as 22 teams were in attendance for his workout, according to Fox Sports' Mike Garafolo. The key difference between Bamiro and the rest of Thurdays' supplemental prospects is that he was more highly regarded as a 2014 prospect, and doesn't carry the same off-field baggage as supplemental draft prospects do.

He's a small-school prospect, but possesses size that can't be taught. A mountain at 6'7, 344 pounds, he also possesses 36-inch arms. A team who have time to develop a player like Bamiro could aim to stash him at the back-end of a roster.

Early draft predictions are always hard to evaluate, but the consensus seems to rate Bamiro as a 4th-6th round prospect in next year's draft. His resume boasts a first-team All-Big South selection in 2012, as well as blocking for two 1,000-yard rushers while playing right tackle.

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