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Chip Kelly: 'Unfair right now' to name starting Eagles QB

The Eagles' first-year coach will wait to name a starter for the 2013 season.


Philadelphia Eagles' head coach Chip Kelly is in no rush to name his starting quarterback for the upcoming season and has stated setting a timetable on the decision will only serve as a hindrance to his team, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer's Zach Berman.

Kelly, entering his first year at the helm for Philly, says he still needs time to evaluate his options before selecting between Michael Vick, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley. Kelly said recently (via

"We're going to have to name a starter at some point in time. That's why I think it would be unfair right now, because there hasn't been enough situations to evaluate. If someone said, 'Hey, we have to play a game tomorrow,' we have to make a decision. But we don't have to play a game tomorrow. We have until Sept. 9, so we'll see how it works itself out."

Sept. 9 marks the Eagles' opening regular season game against the Redskins, but pressure to name the team's starter will continue to mount as training camp approaches in late July.

Kelly says rushing a decision will only cause harm and that he will instead wait for someone to distinguish themselves from the pack.

"I've never been in a situation where we've had to make a decision and it's like 50-50, pick it out of a hat. Somebody over the course of time has stepped up and has won the battle," Kelly told Berman.

After a pair of strong seasons as the Eagles' starter in 2010 and '11, Vick stumbled last season, throwing 12 touchdowns compared to 10 interceptions and sparking controversy in Philadelphia over whether or not he deserved the starting job. Foles, a third-round selection in 2012, wasn't much better in his seven appearances, throwing six touchdowns and five interceptions.

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