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Mark Sanchez unconcerned with Geno Smith's absence from 'Jets West' practices

Smith decided to stay closer to home rather than head out to California and work out with Sanchez and other members of the offense.


Rookie Geno Smith isn't attending Mark Sanchez's "Jets West" practice sessions in California, but Sanchez isn't concerned about that.

"Everyone was invited," Sanchez said to the NFL Network's Michelle Beisner Friday. "I sent out an email to everybody, some guys got back quicker than the others, but everybody was invited. It's not a big deal that he is not here."

Sanchez has organized the voluntary West Coast workouts for the team's offensive players since 2010. The workouts are held at Sanchez's high school alma mater, and they began Thursday. Several skill position players, including Stephen Hill and Kellen Winslow, made the trip to work with Sanchez, and the added familiarity these extra reps create may help Sanchez fend off Smith for the starting job when training camp begins.

Like Sanchez, Smith is working out close to his roots -- he's reportedly in Florida, where he was born and attended high school.

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