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Larry Fitzgerald's cap figure rises significantly over next 2 seasons

The star receiver will take up a much larger chunk of Arizona's salary cap in the near future.


Larry Fitzgerald signed an eight-year extension in 2011 with Arizona that could be worth upwards of $120 million, and that huge deal is going to start having a major impact on the Cardinals' salary cap in the near future. As Darren Urban of notes, Fitzgerald's cap hit in 2013 will be $10.25 million; the following season, it leaps to $18 million.

It will further escalate in 2015 to $21.25 million. The cap hits in 2014 and 2015 are expected to be the largest in the NFL for any wide receiver. Those figures could prove restrictive to the Cardinals in terms of personnel moves down the line.

Urban speculates that the Cardinals might eventually attempt to restructure the contract to make it more cap-friendly, but the team appears to be in a position to handle Fitzgerald's cap number for the next couple of seasons without too much worry.

Fitzgerald finished the 2012 season with 71 receptions for 798 yards and four touchdowns.

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