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Aaron Hernandez photo removed from Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame received several complaints from visitors about the award-winning photo depicting Hernandez as he scores a touchdown against the Packers.


The Pro Football Hall of Fame removed an award-winning photo of Aaron Hernandez from display this week, after several visitors complained, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The photo depicts the then-New England Patriots tight end beating Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields for a touchdown. The 2010 photo won an annual contest presented by the Hall of Fame.

"In the spirit of good taste we thought we'd take it down," hall vice president of communication and exhibits Joe Horrigan told the Plain Dealer.

Hernandez has been arrested on a murder charge and and five gun-related charges in the death of Odin Lloyd. The league has responded by distancing itself from the former tight end. The Patriots immediately released Hernandez upon arrest and gave fans a chance to exchange their Hernandez jerseys. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell indicated that any team thinking about signing Hernandez would be subject to a hearing.

Currently, Hernandez is being held without bail, along with two accomplices. Details within the court affidavit released earlier this week allege that Hernandez shot Lloyd and was argumentative with investigators.

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