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DeSean Jackson 'Diamonds' remix

We've taken it upon ourselves to improve the video for Jackson's debut single.

On Wednesday, we stumbled across DeSean Jackson's debut rap single, "Diamonds on My Neck." The song is, on it's surface, about hanging out with your pals in Vegas, a relatively unexplored topic in contemporary pop culture. Dig a little deeper, and you can see that it's a mediation on life and the material things that make it worth living, mostly the later.

But it was clear upon first viewing that the video was missing something. He only mentions his day job -- or is it the other way around after Chip Kelly made him practice with the third team? -- one time in the one verse he spits over the course of the three-minute song.

I think this remix nicely addresses that point. See for yourself.

Is it possible Jackson rushed this single a bit? Like, maybe he dropped it now so that he could pay back the money he reportedly owes his former agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

(Special thanks to Clay Wendler & Matt Ufford in the "studio" for this project).

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