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Greg Jones almost didn't block for Maurice Jones-Drew because of fantasy football

A fantasy rivalry got a little too intense one time for the Jaguars running back.

Chris Trotman

Have you ever wondered why the Jaguars could never get over the hump? Well, we may have finally found answer: Maurice Jones-Drew's fantasy football team.

The team's lone notable asset for years shared a story on SiriusXM this week about an incident with fullback Greg Jones. MJD and his lead blocker were playing against each other in fantasy one week a few years back. Jones almost didn't block for MJD because in real football because it would have cost him a win in fake football.

Here's MJD from the interview:

"We got onto the 1-yard line, and they were like, ‘We better call this run play.' I'm like, ‘Greg, don't do it.' And he looked at me and he winked. And I was like ‘Greg.' It's not time to play. This is bigger than [winning in fantasy]. Let's not do this.

[Jones] wasn't going to block the guy!"

The Jaguars had a whole system set up for keeping MJD clued in on fantasy scoring updates, which led to the whole incident. MJD explains:

"Greg Jones - see he's not on the team anymore - perfect example: I was playing against him [in fantasy]. And we have our equipment guys keep us up on [the fantasy scores] during games. You know who you have and you see when you're not on the field obviously but ... I think if I scored, I was going to [beat Jones]."

Uh huh, no wonder he's not on the team anymore ... MJD is a ruthless fantasy GM.

Put away those Gene Smith effigies, and stop campaigning for a Blaine Gabbert jersey exchange. The Jaguars' problems go beyond that.

(h/t Larry Brown Sports)

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