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NFL Films, HBO Sports announce 'Hard Knocks' long-term renewal

The successful sports reality series will continue on past this year, and seemingly for quite awhile longer.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The popular reality show Hard Knocks has been renewed on a "long-term extension," though the length of the deal has not been announce, according to a joint press release from NFL Films and HBO Sports

Starting in 2001 with the defending champion Baltimore Ravens, the series has run for seven seasons on HBO, detailing the personal and professional lives of the players, coaches and executives of an NFL franchise during training camp and preseason. The series returns on Aug. 6, with the featured team this year being the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals had previously been featured in the 2009 edition of Hard Knocks, making them and the Dallas Cowboys (2002, 2008) as the only two teams to do a repeat performance on the show. Others to let Hard Knocks into their lockers rooms for a feature include the Kansas City Chiefs in 2007, the New York Jets in 2010, and the Miami Dolphins in 2012.

The show has not been run on an annual basis.

There was a hiatus from 2003 to 2006, as well as the inability to get a team to agree to do the show following the lockout of 2011. Though it is uncertain that Hard Knocks will run every year, this new deal ensures that it should still be around for the long haul.

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