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St. Louis Rams displeased with Tavon Austin's Twitter account

Austin is in trouble with the Rams after he followed a couple of strippers on Twitter.

Al Bello

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Tavon Austin found himself in a bit of trouble with his new bosses this week. Speaking to high school athletes at Nike's The Opening, Austin said that he got called to the GM's office for following a couple of strippers on Twitter:

It should be noted that Austin is still on Twitter, making retweets as of Tuesday morning.

Rams blog Turf Show Times took a more humorous approach to the story, calling the front office a "big ol' fuddy duddy," but Ryan Van Bibber does note that the Rams are determined to keep up their public image:

The Rams front office works VERY hard to manage the team's image, regrowing a badly damaged brand. Playing social media police, if we take Austin at face value here, seems a little heavy handed.

This whole incident will probably blow over by the time training camp starts, but it's yet another reminder that athletes should be more careful with their social media activities, lest they find themselves in embarrassing situations. You know, like telling high schoolers they got reprimanded for following strippers on Twitter.

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