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Aaron Hernandez being investigated for 2007 shooting

Authorities are looking into whether or not Hernandez had a role in a 2007 shooting in Florida.

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Massachusetts state police are now looking at whether or not Aaron Hernandez had a role in a 2007 shooting that took place in Florida, according to

The incident in question took place while Hernandez was a freshman at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where the shooting occurred.

According to the police report, Corey Smith and Justin Glass left a nightclub along with Randall Cason on the morning of Sep. 30. The trio were in their car at a red light with Glass driving, Smith in the passenger seat and Cason in the back of the car when two men approached their vehicle.

At that point, a man Cason later identified as a Hawaiian or Hispanic of large build with a lot of tattoos opened fire, wounding both Smith and Glass. Cason identified the non-shooter as Reggie Nelson, a former Florida Gators player.

Hernandez and Nelson were in the same nightclub, The Venue, along with fellow Gators Mike and Maurkice Pouncey, according to the police report. Hernandez was said not to be a suspect at the time. He chose not to speak with the police when they requested to.

In other news related to the Hernandez case, the Bristol County sheriff, Thomas M. Hodgson, will not allow Hernandez and his fiance Shayanna Jenkins, the mother of his seven-month old child, to get married, according to USA Today.

Hodgson is quoted in the article, saying:

"I don't subscribe to that. I feel that those rights are things that you access on the outside, if you're a good citizen," he said. "We'll do everything we can to not have that happen."

If the two were wed, Jenkins would potentially have the right to immunity from being forced to testify against Hernandez. Prosecutors said last week that Hernanez told Jenkins not to talk to authorities about the case.

Hernandez was arrested last week and charged with the first-degree murder of Odin Lloyd. He is currently being held without bail awaiting his next court date.

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