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Nick Foles considered in the lead for Eagles QB job

The Eagles could end the Michael Vick era sooner than most people think if Foles continues to perform in offseason workouts.


Nick Foles has a good chance to unseat Michael Vick as the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, according to CSN Philly's Geoff Mosher.

Many thought that hiring Chip Kelly from Oregon was a good sign for Vick, as his skill set would seem to fit well with the offense Kelly run with the Ducks. He also restructured his contract to be more team-friendly, which would seem to make him a plausible short-term option.

However, the Eagles drafted Matt Barkley in the 2013 Draft, and Kelly insists that his offense isn't dependent on a mobile quarterback. Foles and Vick have split reps 50-50 so far this offseason, and if they appear to be on equal footing as the season approaches, Mosher thinks that Vick could be the one who gets cut since he's the most expensive.

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