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Barry Church injured by cherry Jolly Rancher

The Dallas Cowboys safety missed practice due to a root canal he needed after chipping his tooth on a cherry Jolly Rancher.


Dallas Cowboys safety Barry Church suffered an injury and missed a walkthrough and a full training camp practice on Monday. The injury, though, was slightly less serious than the torn Achilles tendon that forced him onto injured reserve for 13 games last season.

He was injured by a Jolly Rancher, according to the Associated Press.

A cherry flavored Jolly Rancher, if that matters. Church chipped a tooth while eating the hard candy "about a week before" training camp. He experienced intermittent pain in the days afterward, but said it was "unbearable" when he woke up Monday morning.

So Church missed the aforementioned walkthrough and full practice to get an emergency root canal on Monday. He was back with the team on Tuesday, and said that he "caught a couple of zingers" from teammates due to the fact that he ... got injured by candy.

We've been unable to confirm whether or not he was thrown actual Zingers brand snack cakes or if he was simply ridiculed, but the cake would make sense given that it is rather on the soft side and unlikely to chip anyone's tooth.

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