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Eagles WR Riley Cooper drops the N-word at a Kenny Chesney concert

Someone caught Cooper using some choice words at a concert this summer.

You've probably heard a lot about Riley Cooper lately. Prepare to hear even more about him after someone caught the jorts-clad Eagles receiver on camera vowing to "fight every [n-word]" at a Kenny Chesney concert in Philadelphia this summer.

Have a look for yourself:

That's Cooper in the jorts and sleeveless flannel, the guy slinging racial epitaphs. Teammates Jason Kelce and Danny Watkins appear to be the ones trying to calm the not-so-happy drunk.

According to Crossing Broad, the source of the video, this incident happened before Cooper, some other Eagles players and Chip Kelly joined Chesney on stage.

Earlier in July, a video of Cooper fighting outside that same Kenny Chesney concert surfaced. Not a good look for Tim Tebow's former roommate at the University of Florida.

Chesney's been stopping by NFL stadiums all summer to proclaim himself a lifelong fan of the local team. A stop in Pittsburgh turned ugly when Chesney's beach-infused tunes led to a riot of people without sleeves.

(h/t Deadspin)

Update: Cooper apologizes

Riley Cooper has since apologized for his actions. He did it via Twitter, of course. (Did Paula Deen ruined the racist's YouTube apology?)

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